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Endings Are Also New Beginnings...

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Face it, breaking up and divorce suck! You are hurting over your loss, clamouring for clarity, and fearful of the unknown. No one needs or deserves  to go through this major life transition alone. 

Together we can create a strategy for healing so you can not only survive, but create an even healthier relationships when the time comes. Heal your heart and prepare for the love of your life.

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About Julie Anna Bishop

Meet Julie 

  Client proclaimed, "kick-ass coach" and International Bestselling Author, I am committed to supporting you to take charge of your personal crisis, gain unshakable self-confidence, and reconnect to the wisdom within you so you can build a strong and smart foundation for
your new beginning.

As a single mother of two, not only have I navigated through the end of a twenty year marriage, I  have assisted countless others through theirs. Leaving an unhealthy marriage after 20 years and losing almost everything, I rebuilt my life one step at a time.

I know first hand the fear of the unknown,  the emotional rollercoaster and the deep loss. My clients and I are true testimonies
that you too can use your broken heart as a kick ass catalyst for
the Extraordinary.  

If you care more about thriving than 
simply surviving we need to talk. Together we will discuss your unique issues and custom strategize your approach to getting through this loss. Contact me for your  20 minute free strategy session by scrolling down and  clicking the button below.

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International Best Seller in 9 countries!!!  

Thrive Anyway is a simple yet deep guide into multiple ways to heal. It provides chapter after chapter of helpful informations, tips and inspiration to heal your broken heart. 

You can expect to discover

How to manage your stress so it isn't managing you

Tame negative, fault-finding and people-pleasing mindsets so you can have more joy.

Transform your "Inner Critic" and embrace your shadows so you can be whole. 

Use deep breathing, meditation and visualization to move through your fear -
relax and let go.

Set healthy boundaries with your ex and everyone else in your life so you can create healthy relationships.

Identify the healthy
core values you
desire in a partner
strive for in yourself .

About the Book....

"Compassionate, real and full of actionable wisdom, 'Thrive Anyway' is a
healing salve for anyone ready to bravely move forward after heartbreak."

- Jenny Fenig, Author of "Get Gutsy""
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"'Wow. So proud of you and excited for you."
- Michael Port NY Times Best Selling Author of “Book Yourself Solid Illustrated” and Founder of the "Think Big Revolution."
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"Thank you for getting this kind of work out there in this way."
- Clifford Edwards Author of
"The Forgiveness Handbook",

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In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot. - Jen Sincero

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